Julian Cizmic

I’m Julian Cizmic, an undergraduate studying cell and molecular biology at San Diego State University.
You can reach me by email at ciao@j5.io.


  1. Structure of the ABN nucleoside analogue, along with an image demonstrating single-molecule detection.

    Single-molecule fluorescence detection of a
    tricyclic nucleoside analogue

    • Samaan, G.N.
    • Wyllie, M.K.
    • Cizmic, J.M.
    • Needham, L.–M.E.
    • Nobis, D.
    • Ngo, K.
    • Andersen, S.
    • Magennis, S.W.
    • Lee, S.F.
    • Purse, B.W.

    Chemical Science 12, 2623–2628 (2021).